Radiation Products Design Inc.

5218 Barthel Industrial Drive
Albertville, MN 55301

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Company Description:

RPDinc manufactures and distributes over 4,000 products in the radiation oncology field worldwide. We strive to provide the best service and quality products at a competitive price. We do custom design and manufacturing for your specific needs. Our product lines include Brachytherapy, Shielding, Quality Assurance, PET, CT/MRI, IMRT, Imaging, Block Making, Instruments, Radiation Protection, Position/Immobilization, Marking and Measuring, Alignment, and much more. Visit us on-line for more details.

Product Information:
Brass mesh bolus can be used for post-mastectomy chest walls using 4Mv and 6Mv photons. When placing Brass Mesh over breast and a gap is between breast, use a piece of back to back tape on the patient between the breasts to secure the brass mesh down. When wrapping the brass mesh bolus around the sides of a chest wall, use the Spandage to hold the brass mesh against the skin to prevent hanging gaps.

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Patient Transfer Device
Quality Control Devices/Phantoms
Head & Neck Immobilization
Shielding Devices
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