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Company Description:

Today’s imaging and target localization possibilities allow you to see how your treatment plan corresponds with the location of the tumor. Based on this, corrections for better sparing of healthy tissue can be made. These innovative techniques can only be efficient if you are sure that your patient does not move during the delivery of the fraction. The unique features of Orfit thermoplastic mask materials in combination with precisely engineered hardware ensures outstanding patient immobilization results.

Patient immobilization masks
Stability and reproducibility – Thanks to a unique combination of advanced materials and innovative production methods, Orfit masks limit patient movement to less than 1.5 mm, ensure consistent daily positioning and easy mask molding.

Comfort - Thermoplastic masks are one of the most common immobilization devices used for head and neck radiation therapy. A patient needs to endure the pressure of the mask and forced positioning with a mask during simulation and every day of the treatment. This alone is reason enough to make one element of a stressful treatment more pleasant with a mask that is thinner, smoother and more comfortable over all.

Patient positioning systems
A comprehensive family of systems and accessories are available for Head & Neck, Supine / Prone Breast, SBRT, SRS, Extremities, Pelvis / Abdomen, Proton Therapy, MR and Pediatric.

Product Information:
Nanor® is Orfit’s latest mask innovation. Comfort: Soft surface with smoother finish; Low shrinkage, resulting in less pressure on patient’s face; non-stick antibacterial coating prevents growth of bacteria on mask surface and will not stick to hair, skin or hardware. Stability/User Friendliness: Intimate contour to patient’s anatomy; Adapts to minor swelling without need to remold the mask; Excellent stability of treatment area due to the high bending stiffness and close fitting of the mask.

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Arm/Leg Immobilization
Breast/Abdominal Immobilization
Head & Neck Immobilization
Hip & Pelvis Immobilization
Thermoplastic Masks
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